Lighting Photometry Surveys

Our Capability

Our lighting engineers regularly carry out exterior lighting photometry surveys on behalf of various clients. The surveys measure the performance of all types of installations.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is carried out on:

  • Existing installations where highway engineers are considering introducing traffic calming features
  • Existing installations to determine if they comply with required standards or if lighting improvements are required
  • Existing lighting installations where CCTV exists and picture quality at night is poor, or where CCTV is proposed
  • New installations ensuring they meet the original design criteria

Surveys also assess intrusive or stray light issues and are often conducted at night time accident locations.


Detailed reports are produced following completion of the surveys. They compare the installations’ actual performance against performance requirement and, where necessary, recommendations for improvements are made.



We use a range of instruments including luminance and illuminance meters. All instruments are calibrated to national standards and to manufacturers’ recommendations.