Lighting Asset Management

Our Capability

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management of lighting and electrical equipment has been a core service provided over the last 20 years. Working as client’s representative our experienced lighting and electrical staff work proactively with contractors to maintain all electrical equipment in a safe and efficient manner ensuring high service levels for clients and the public. Services include ordering, inspection and measuring of works, visual inspections and condition assessments in line with TR22 and supervision of activities including routine maintenance.


Lighting Asset Management

Energy Procurement

We appreciate that the cost of energy represents a significant proportion of the overall annual expenditure on the street lighting service. Street lighting authorities are under increasing economic and environmental pressure to install and maintain efficient lighting systems at a time when energy prices are increasing rapidly. Mmas Partnership’s expertise in the field of energy procurement means we are well placed to advise and negotiate favourable terms with an increasing selection of energy suppliers.

Inventory Management

Street lighting authorities are responsible for the development and maintenance of increasingly detailed and accurate inventories for a variety of purposes including energy procurement, risk management and financial bidding. Our maintenance management roles on behalf of local authorities, TfL and the Highways Agency provide our staff with the necessary hands on experience which, when coupled with their electrical backgrounds, enables them to make informed and accurate assessments of column heights, supply point, manufacturer reference and service owner. This enables us to offer an audit service to verify data collected by bespoke data collection organisations.

Photometry Surveys

Our lighting professional undertake photometric luminance and illuminance surveys in accordance with British Standards and Technical Guidance as produced by the Institution of Lighting Engineers to confirm that installations meet the required standards and environmental requirements.

Network Cable Identification

There is a mandatory requirement for all highway authorities and street lighting operators to maintain up-to-date maps, showing the location and depth of underground cables installed since 1988, not only on the public highway but also where the cable network is on land not under control of the distributor. These maps must then be made available upon request to anyone reasonably requiring the information. This requirement is determined by two statutory instruments; New Roads and Street Works Act (Regulation 79) and Electricity Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002 (Regulation 15). The basic legal requirement is that authorities must hold sufficient record documents of all electrical systems to enable maintenance to be carried out in a safe manner. Our experienced electrical teams help clients to collect and produce this data in an electronic mapping format.